Enerpro Insulation Ltd. is committed to a strong safety program. Protecting our employees, the public and our environment is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We have achieved and now maintain a Certificate of Recognition recognized by the Alberta Government for excellence and continued improvement in the field of Safety and Loss Prevention.

Enerpro Health Safety & Environment

Enerpro Insulation Ltd. is continuously committed to a accountable and responsible safety program.


At Enerpro safety is seen as a corporate value. We strive to be an industry leader in setting safety standards and performance because we care about what we do. We simply do not have a program but maintain an ongoing practice of seeking to enhance the culture of our safety commitment with our clients, employees and staff. We not only meet standards but exceed the standards set forth. This commitment incorporates the following principles:

  1. Management Commitment
    Enerpro holds all levels of management accountable for the implementation of our safety program. Management is committed to ongoing training in safety leadership, implementing mentorship programs and reviewing change management policies and studying Best Case Practices that guide the organizational safety culture of the company.
  2. Employee Engagement
    Enerpro recognizes our employee’s daily contributions to the safety culture of the work environment. Our long term employees have worked for us for over twenty years. We engage each employee to develop safe work practices individually and as a team. Our strict pre-employment orientation and pre hire package ensure we hire the best possible candidates that are committed to safely working for our clients and for our company.
  3. Safety Standards
    Enerpro conducts regular formal and informal inspections of all of our work sites and provides the direction and support required to meet and exceed the standards set by all industry, provincial and federal government and regulatory authorities. We have achieved and maintained a core status of safety and Certificate of Recognition by the Alberta Government for excellence in safety.

Enerpro is a member in good standing in all pre-qualification safety systems and has master service agreements with the leaders in the oil, gas, petrochemical and commercial industries. This allows us to safety reduce costs and risks that would adversely affect employees, the environment and our client’s assets. Call us today to discuss our commitments and safety excellence polices and procedures.

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